General Questions

What are the return conditions?

For viewing and selection, you have a 14-day right to return unused merchandise on all shipments. Even if parts of the order are kept, unprocessed whole skins or broken cut half skins can be returned. Please note that rolled merchandise can only be returned rolled.

Are there any charges for the collections?

All of our collections are available for a nominal fee, which is fully refundable upon purchase from the respective collection.

How quickly will I receive my order?

Orders received by 12:00 noon will be shipped the next business day if in stock.

Are the prices net or gross?

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Is it possible to receive larger hand samples?

You will receive free larger hand samples or whole skins from us within 1-3 working days for presentation and viewing by your customers.

Do you deliver as little as half a skin?

Yes, we deliver our upholstery leathers starting at half a hide. Please note that due to the high volume of orders, it is not possible for us to ship individual cuts.

Is it possible to reserve leather?

We will be happy to reserve the leather you require for 14 days by arrangement.

Can you offer me suitable leather?

Simply send us a sample of your desired leather. We will then send you a selection of suitable hillmann. Leather samples with an offer.

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