It’s more than a company.
It’s an attitude.

hillmann. was founded in 1947 by Waldemar Hillmann as a company selling shoe upper leather, and since then has evolved into a corporate group that includes 3 companies. Today, hillmann. is one of the leading German distributors of finest real leather and fabrics for use in furniture, flooring, wall coverings and car interiors.

Our products reflect our aspiration to always offer our customers exactly what they need to create the most exclusive, unique products. Through our long-standing experience and individual consulting services, we create products that products that fascinate in cooperation with our partners in the furniture, car, decoration and interior design sectors.  

Despite our continuous growth, we continue to focus on personal contact with every single of our customers. Individual consultation, to us, is an essential cornerstone needed to offer the best possible service and meet the specific needs of our customers. This way, we create products that attach the utmost importance to the combination of high functionality and contemporary design.

Hillmann. keeps up with the times. Since 1947.


  • Collection II – Upholstery Fabrics

    9. May 2022

    After various strong collaborations over the last few years we have never forgot to think of our own brand. After long preparation, we are proud to now present your our own upholstery fabric collection “Collection II”, that introduces 9 selected fabrics in a multitude of colors.

  • Junior Master Course 2021

    30. June 2021

    For 5 years now we have been organising training courses about leather in cooperation with the Handwerkskammer Dresden. The current situation couldn’t stop this partnership either, so this year the course for prospective master craftsmen and women was held online to guarantee maximum safety for all participants.

  • New Website

    29. April 2021

    We are proud to present you our new website today. Since last year, we have been working tirelessly on digitalizing all of our samples and are happy to finally be able to show you the result of months of hard work. Our entire collection is now available for you to browse online, be it finest leather, felts, design cowhides or outdoor fabrics.

  • hillmann. sunbrella

    23. April 2021

    Following our collections of féline felt and the vegan fabric Piñatex, we want to introduce you to our newest cooperation in the outdoor fabrics sector. Together with the sunbrella brand, we present your our collection of fabrics that are made for summer: couches, cushions, cutrains, sunbeds, we have the fitting outdoor fabric for each of your projects.

  • hillmann. FUTURE MATERIALS

    3. May 2021

    A look into the future: even in times of crisis, we continue to work hard to keep presenting you new products. This summer we will be able to share our newest collection with you: hillmann. FUTURE MATERIALS.

  • hillmann. Piñatex.

    3. May 2021

    We are happy to present you our new cooperation with Ananas Anam: hillmann. Piñatex. As a vegan, non-woven fabric, Piñatex has a wide variety of uses. It offers a unique look each individual project it is used in, no matter if upholstery, accessoires or clothing, and impresses customers with its evironment-friendly production. 

“We have never rested on the status quo, nor do we intend to.
Only those who are ready to walk new paths stay successful.”

Quality is no coincidence. It’s the result of hard work.

hillmann. leathers are produced from selected, high-quality German and European rawhides, for which we only use the latest tanning processes and coloring methods. To protect our environment, many of our leathers are produced in tanneries that have been awarded with the German eco-label “Blauer Engel” (blue angel). Our close connection with selected tanneries allows us to create special articles and colorings that can be tailored exactly to our customer’s needs.

Our love for the small details shines through in all our products and makes them unique. We are able to create articles with a unique shape and color, such as design cowhides, but also produce standardized, highly functional industrial products such as our car leathers.

For our fabrics, we only purchase from cutting-edge weaning mills in Germany and the EU. This allows us to process finest yarn of the highest quality. Through this combination of premium properties and high aesthetics, we can meet demands for both visual attractiveness and best functionality.

Also incorporated into our product lineup are care products that have to meet highest criteria and have been created solely for use on hillmann. products. This allows us to guarantee the long lifespan of our products.

féline Filz

The best of two brands. Cooperation joins forces.

Since 2019, hillmann. has been concentrating on forging partnerships with strong brands both in Germany and abroad to complement our products lineup. Our focus lies with “future materials”, such materials that invest in the future and give positive impulses for our environment by being especially sustainable.

Piñatex and Felt

Our first cooperation began with the collection hillmann. x Piñatex. As a vegan fabric, Piñatex can be used in almost the same sectors as leather and therefore has opened our product lineup to customers who prefer plant-based materials over animal-based ones.

Sustainability continues to be our main focus for the future. With feline, we found a partner who embraces this topic: féline felts are produced without the use of water that is usually used in the felting process and thus protects our natural resources. Furthermore, we are delighted to be able to present your felts made entirely from recycled plastic bottles as a part of our collection.

You can expect more exceptional hillmann. products in the future. We will continue to walk the path that others have not treated on yet.

Our History

  • 1947 ←

    In 1947, Waldemar Hillmann founded a wholesale business for shoe upper leather, lining leather, clothing leather, furniture leather, car leather and leather goods as a registered company. The rented premises at that time were located in the Mühlstraße in Karlsruhe-Grötzingen.

  • 1960 ←

    In 1960, the company decided to specialize in clothing leather, furniture leather and car leather.

  • 1967 ←

    In 1967, the premises in the Mühlstraße were no longer adequate and the first company building was erected in the Kampmannstraße in Karlsruhe-Grötzingen.

  • 1980 ←

    In 1980, Joachim Hillmann joins the company and realigns the company’s course.

  • 1995 ←

    In 1995, the company, now operating under the name of leder-hillmann OHG, expanded further and moved into its current premises at Augustenburgstraße 100 in Karlsruhe-Grötzingen. From then on, there was a clear focus on the areas of furniture and car leather.

  • 2014 ←

    In 2014 Maximilian Hillmann joins the company in the 3rd generation of the family.

  • 2015 ←

    2015 the company starts an offense towards globalization. Six news markets are thus opened and now being managed by representatives.

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