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NATURO is a milled leather with a thin finish. Its visual appearance as a natural leather look and it is smooth and supple to the touch. Furthermore the finish works as a light protective layer for the leather and the resulting shine of its surface emphasizes the high quality of this sleek leather.

Through the milling process, the kneading and moving of the dried leather in a barrel, the natural structure of the hide is brought out. Because of this the intensity and uniformity of the milled grain pattern differs, contrary to an imprinted leather, from one hide to another.

The basis for all our sleek leathers is a high-quality, traditionally produced pale leather. It is distinguised through its vegetable tanning and the rich greasing with natural fats and oils. Therefore all our hillmann. sleek leathers are produced cromium-free.

NATURO is tanned in a Southern German tannery under controlled conditions. Only high-quality, Southern German raw produtcs are used in this process. In our sleek leathers we aim to create to a natural, sustainable and long-lasting product that differentiates in its quality from the leathers produced in big tanneries or overseas.

These leathers are useable for the manufacture of belts, straps, place mats, wall covering, cantilever chairs and small leather goods among other things.

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