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Aniline Cream

Aniline leathers are open-pored, smooth leathers. Such leathers are wonderfully warm and natural, but more sensitive than surface-dyed smooth leathers. Aniline leathers are not always the same. Some leathers have a fine grain and are pre-impregnated, other leathers are more coarse-pored and absorb any liquid immediately. Aniline Cream is suitable for fine pored and pre-impregnated leathers. For the more delicate leathers, impregnation and the Aniline Protector are the first choice.

Aniline Cream can also be used for greased and oiled leathers. There are also variations here: some greased or oiled leathers have a very matt and coarse surface, others have a fine grain and are softer and silk-matt. Aniline Cream is the best choice for silk-matt leathers.

Adequate care is especially important for open-pored leathers so that the leather is somewhat less sensitive and can be cleaned more easily. However, the most important protection is always the careful handling of the natural product leather.

Because of the sensitivity of open-pored leather, all products must always be tested for changes in the concealed area first!

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